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I'm Katy. I'm a journalist, writer and the founding editor of Creative Boom, a platform I launched in 2009 to celebrate, inspire and support the creative community, particularly those who are underrepresented. Today, the site has six million readers, over 250,000 followers on social media and has attracted brand partners such as Adobe, Samsung, and Wix. It is now my full-time focus.
How did you find the courage to pursue Creative Boom full time? 
I've not had a job since 2007. I went freelance and have worked for myself ever since. For many years, Creative Boom provided no income. I had to work hard to turn Creative Boom into a commercial venture – without losing its credibility. As a result, the platform wasn't always a priority and had its weaker moments. But I somehow kept going. Yes, it's been hard work but I've certainly been lucky – the platform launched during a time when you could still easily grow followers organically on social media. 

Do you find it difficult to have a good work-life balance when Creative Boom started off as a passion project ? 
I used to. But I was determined to build something positive and that meant some sacrifice. I've since managed to find a good balance.

Do you have a standout/ favourite moment from Creative Boom journey so far? Why does it stand out to you? 
2017 was a great year. We'd just launched a new design, the one you see today, and the traffic was really taking off. Advertisers were starting to bite much more and I began to see its potential. I enjoy every moment of figuring out what to do next. Although sometimes it can overwhelm – I always dust myself off and press ahead.

Have you ever had to personally tackle gender inequality in the workplace? Whether that be in your previous roles as a journalist or when doing Creative Boom?
Yes. Absolutely. I've had some horrendous things happen to me. It wasn't until recently that I faced up to this and realised I've been blind to the negativity we often endure. The younger generations below me are more awake and that's encouraging. They've opened my eyes and I feel hopeful that we can all spark change and encourage a more inclusive, equal workplace.​​​​​​​

Do you have any words of advice for females who want to turn their passion into a career today? 
Find something you really love and enjoy doing — that alone will help see you through challenging moments.​​​​​​​
Find something you really love and enjoy doing  that alone will help see you through challenging moments.​​​​​​​
Creative Boom is such an inspiring platform, do you recommend any other creative platforms or communities ? 

Absolutely. There are so many. Creative Lives in Progress are good eggs and share inspiring content. 
Ben the Illustrator has a wonderful illustration community on socials. 
And Lisa Maltby too, Lisa does loads to help other freelancers. 
Monique Henry-Hudson has fostered a community around animation and helping others break into the industry. She has an awesome podcast, too.
There are so many more platforms.
What inspires you to get motivated when you’re not feeling creative? 
I go chill and play computer games. Or I garden or go the gym. I've just joined a new tennis club, so that should spark creativity after badly smashing a tennis ball around a court.

Do you have any role models or mentors who helped shape your career as a creative? 
My parents told me I could do anything I wanted – I'm thankful to them for everything. I've been very lucky.
Lauren Kelly, Dani Molyneux (founder of Dotto Studio) and Peggy Manning (founder of Slow Brew Club) — all have been absolute rocks over the last 18 months. I am not sure if I'd have coped without their kindness and support.​​​​​​​

Lastly, what is you main piece of advice for any females wanting to pursue a career as a creative but feel scared/intimidated by the male dominated industry? 

Gosh, well – there are many issues we still face – even the daily micro-aggressions can become tedious. But I would say, don't suffer alone – find your tribe. Don't be afraid to seek out other people who work in the same field as you. Create your own support networks and communities. It's amazing how much you can get out of a chat with someone else who's going through the same thing. We should never feel scared or intimidated – all of us deserve to have a place at the table. To have a voice. ​​​​​​​
Create your own support networks and communities. It's amazing how much you can get out of a chat with someone else who's going through the same thing.
Massive thank you to Katy Cowan for getting involved! You can keep up with what Katy is up too with Creative Boom on the:

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