Hello! We are Imogen and Laura. We are life-long best friends based in Glasgow, Scotland.
Meet Imogen

Imogen is a 22 year old recent Film & Media grad from Glasgow!

During her four years studying The University of Stirling and taking various modules in digital media, feminism and journalism, she expanded her passion for writing and feminism! 

This online platform will allow Imogen to connect with fellow she/they creatives which so is so excited for! She is passionate about inclusivity and making a safe space for women and they/them individuals! 

When she is not writing features for POY, she is either illustrating ( @hijadesign_ ) reading, writing blog posts on her film blog ~ miseenself.com if you’re interested :) or walking her golden retriever Juno! 

You can see more of what Imogen does over on her social media links:
Meet Laura

Laura is a 22 year old recent Photography graduate from Edinburgh Napier University who is based in Glasgow, Scotland. 

She is an enthusiastic and innovative creative, who has a passion for craft. Alongside her love for photography, she also has a strong interest in graphic design and illustration, which can be seen throughout her work.  She strongly values the importance of spreading kindness and positivity, as well as creating memorable projects which address contemporary issues, in a positive manner. 

She enjoys taking daily snapshots with her 35mm film camera and producing branding design for local businesses, although, her passion lies within fashion photography and publication design. Additionally, she enjoys uplifting others and community building through creating platforms and offering a helping hand. She recently curated the publication 'HerStory' which features a wide range of female creatives in the hope to promote their work and create a community. After completing HerStory, Laura wanted to continue curating and uplifting others; this is what inspired the idea behind Point of You. 

When Laura is not hidden behind her computer screen, she can typically be found drinking plenty of tea, playing with (and annoying) her Scottish Terrier, Angus, or watching way too many romantic comedies!

You can see more of what Laura does over on her social media links:

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